Autopilot is Dangerous

Autopilot is Dangerous

AuthorMichael Thompson

Just because you like something, it doesn’t make it good, right or true. Just like because you don’t like something, doesn’t make it bad, wrong or untrue. We see this as parents for our kids, but often forget that we are still kids ourselves, with a Heavenly Father.

In 56 years, I’ve learned a few things … but not near enough to no longer need a Father (Thank you, God, I have one in you!). Because today holds some things and some people – those I know and love as well as a host of those I don’t yet know and have yet to come to love. Each day holds circumstances and events that, though familiar, are unique to today – I’ve never been here before. I’ve never lived this particular day before. In every situation past, present, and future, I am ready to confess … I am tainted. My belief system is incomplete, my personality tangled up with this fleshly creature called the false self and all the while, there is something about me and in me that the Creator of the Universe wanted back for Himself – simply put, it is myself.  My true self – who I am and how I am known in Heaven – though, yet to be fully good, right and true on earth. My opinions, like my personality, are also tainted. My goodness, how many of them I have and how many of them hold me! I would be wise to be careful, hold a few things a bit more loosely, and pursue understanding more than to pursue what is right. For in pursuing understanding, I have found with the help of my Father, I discover more of what is good and right and true. This is the life of a Kingdom man or woman. A Kingdom life that I want to pursue more and more, especially during this age of hyper-offensiveness. I don’t want to be afraid to offend – but I want to be sure that when I do, I know what I’m doing. Jesus seemed to have this down pat. To some, he was a fragrance they loved and yet couldn’t describe; and to others, who were standing right there next to the first, he was a stench. I want to always be careful with how I smell to others; but at the end of the day, I’m not in charge of the noses.

Autopilot is a dangerous thing. Believing I truly know what I’m doing and trusting myself to do it is like flying autopilot. It’s handy, but not often appropriate when we fly into storms (or they fly into us). Traveling with the Father is the best way to fly. And make no mistake, He lets us fly. But having him in the cockpit makes all the difference. I’ve crashed many times and it always hurts me and other people. I have learned that God doesn’t want to do it for us. Like a good father, He wants to do it with us. Whatever it is. God wants me to learn how to do it for myself: kindly, gently, and with self-control, and above all … with love.

Every morning, I want to ask, “Father, where we traveling to today? And who’s going with us? Who are the passengers you’ve given me to care for?” This is the Kingdom life:  adventures with God in “learning how” through intimacy with Him and others, learning how to love. I pray your flying lessons are going well, and if you are in a crash or on the other side of a crash, smelling badly or coming out smelling like a rose, I pray that you are experiencing the loving instruction of the Father and caring words of His understanding, “I know, child. You’ve never been here before.”

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