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AACTEV8 International was founded by Adonijah Ogbonnaya(ATC, BA, MA Theol, MA, PhD Theol, PhD Bus. Publishing) and Benedicta Ogbonnaya as a Church Planting and Christian Education Service located in Venice, California. After twenty five years in ministry, the Lord called Dr. Ogbonnaya in 2001 to expand his Ministry to allow full participation in the Fivefold Ministry by the total body of Christ. In 2003, Dr. Ogbonnaya moved into Apostolic Ministry by opening congregations and ministerial centers and holding meetings around the globe. Dr. Ogbonnaya is the founder and CEO of AACTEV8 International and is recognized as one of the foremost revelational Biblical teachers of our time. He has impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people nationally and internationally. AACTEV8’s founder has published books and multi-media collections that have transformed many around the world.


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