HASHAMAYIM 1A Dr. Adonijah Ogbonnaya

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If a believer is born from above, is it not logical then that the believer should return there as often as he or she desires or is able?

If the believer is seated in the heavenlies, does it not call forth a need to understand what the heavens looks like?

I began very early in my journey to ask for understanding of how heaven is structured and also to seek for a language on how to narrate my experiences. These experiences are the results of my travel to the heavens through the person of Jesus who is the way and door to enter those realms of heaven.

To me, the primary purpose of the coming of Jesus into the world is to open the gates and the door to the heavenly dimension, for me and for all of humanity. The true message of Christianity then is that the door to the heavens has opened to all who, by their freewill, choose to believe the Messiah whom God has sent in the Person of Yeshua (Jesus) HaMashiach (The Christ).

In my journey towards understanding who I am in the Father through the Son, Jesus Christ, I have had many experiences whose examination and analysis, instead of proffering final solutions to intractable spiritual questions, has rather fueled more burning questions. So rather than offer you a final answer to your questions about the heavens, I hope this book spurs you to ask more questions and to press into the heavens and to search the Scriptures to find more of what the Father has for us as God’s Children.

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