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This is an incredible and challenging time for people all across the world. All of us have been affected in one way or another by the coronavirus. Schools have closed, offices have closed, even restaurants and meeting places have closed. Everyone’s life has been affected, even disrupted.

As we engage these days ahead, filled with uncertainty- Will I be able to get to the store, get my medicine, see my children soon or restock the supplies (toilet paper!), we at Zoweh want to take some extra measures to provide you with encouragement, prayers, songs of worship … things to help look for God’s presence and invitation in all of this.

If you have been issued some “unexpected time off” from work or have experienced the barren grocery aisles, we offer this page as a “Survival Kit for Your Heart” – a place to find encouragement as you walk with God, your family, and friends through the coronavirus crisis.

As the coronavirus crisis continues to affect the world, we want to do all that we can to help you live in the Kingdom, above circumstances and be curious about all the good that God is up to. After all, that is what the Kingdom Life is all about … walking with God … intimacy with God and with others.

Feel free to share your Survival Kit with friends and family, invite them to create one of their own or go through the encouragement together. Life is a team sport … together we’re better!

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