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A Biblical Foundation for Praying in The Courts of Heaven.

For most Christians the Courts of Heaven are still an unfamiliar concept. This is changing rapidly. More and more believers are experiencing praying from a courtroom perspective – a practice that is finally ending the injustice being inflicted on them and the world around them.

In the first part of this book, Ronald explains the biblical foundation for the existence of the Courts of Heaven and our mandate to pray from this place. Subjects such as the ‘Power of the Covenant’ and ‘Why we need God as our Judge’ are extensively dealt with. He also explains in which court we should present our case and with what attitude we should enter this court.

Part two is the practical application. The reader is assisted with the preparation of their court case. Subjects covered include ‘Establishing the Matter of Guilt’, ‘Preparing the Plea’, ‘Presenting the Case to the Heavenly Judge’ and ‘Executing the Judgement’ – all with written example prayers.

The Courts of Heaven is a revelation from God, hidden for centuries. Since the victory of Christ on the cross, believers are able to condemn every voice which speaks against them. This book is a powerful, easy to follow tool on how to participate in the Courts of Heaven. Now we are finally able to lead the victorious life God has prepared for us!

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